Clear Plastic Clamshell
Storage Case-
8.19" x 5.44" x 1.75"

Clear Plastic Clamshell <br>Storage Case- <br>8.19" x 5.44" x 1.75"
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Item Description

Clear plastic clamshell for display, storage, or product packaging. Measures 8.19" tall x 5.44" wide x 1.75" deep. This case makes a good fit for loose items, but also works well for select carded figures from the Marvel Universe line. Since carded Marvel Universe figures won't fit a standard Star Case due to the bubble design, this case makes a good alternative since it doesn't actually "grab" the card along the sides or top. Instead, the carded figure just sits inside the enclosed case. PLEASE NOTE- Any releases with bubbles deeper than 1.75" WILL NOT fit!